Localised Generation

The development of localised generation to support an electricity network during period of high system demand:

Sourcing and/or Implementing Generated Energy

Coordination of energy supplementation to meet client’s need, balancing both economic and environment considerations. Process considerations include

  • Product design
  • Relevant and comprehensive market knowledge and research
  • Establishment of effective holistic strategies
  • Development of the value proposition
  • Development of commercial agreements
  • Successful delivery of required capacity
  • Establishment/management of the delivery team;
  • Product identification of sale and associated revenue streams
  • Enable solutions to technical and economic barriers
  • Initiate and manage construction
  • Provide ongoing professional monitoring advice of operation procedures


  • expeditious development applications with councils
  • with network companies and regulatory bodies (EPA, AER) to minimise red tape
  • with retailers and generators for best value Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • value for money Tier 1 equipment from suppliers
  • contracts and management of specialist consultants
  • contracts and management of major contractor
  • Long term O&M contracts