Distributed generation

Localised generation

The development of localised generation to support an electricity network during period of high system demand:

Product design

  • Establishment of strategy
  • Development of the value proposition
  • Development of commercial agreements
  • Market research
  • Successful delivery of required capacity

Establishment/management of the delivery team;

  • Sales
  • Technical
  • Construction
  • Operation

Landfill gas

Successful development of six landfill gas generation projects.

Key task completed:

  • Securing of executive, board and shareholder approvals
  • Management of the construction phase
  • Management of the operations of the projects
  • Delivering of the approved business cases

Negotiating of suitable agreements with:

  • Various councils
  • Network companies
  • Retailer; PPA
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Major contractor
  • Long term O&M providers
  • EPA
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